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Just in! Grow local! Buy local! 

Limited Release Ontario Baco Noir:
Will be matured in French oak Barrel for $199/selection. Click here for more info!

NEW! On The Rocks Cider

We have just sourced the benchmark cider kit in the industry! This unique range of great tasting fruit ciders are crafted with quality apple concentrate, pure apple juice and real fruit juice to produce great tasting and full flavoured ciders. Great gluten-free option!

Makes 30 x 750 ml. bottles at approximately 6-12% abv. Can be made as a lower alcohol still cider or higher alcohol still cider wine based which can be carbonated on request.

Best served chilled on the rocks or spritzed!

Enlarge the photo below for the Cider selections and descriptions.

Latest Brew House Seasonal Release!

Fall is in and so is Munich Dunkel beer at The Towne Winer. This beer is described as smooth, rich, and complex- without being heady or heavy. It boasts hues of brilliant copper to ruby, with rich and complex flavour of Munich malt, reminiscent of bread crusts. Flavour notes include mild caramel, chocolate, toast and nuttiness, with hop bitterness that is moderately low but perceptible. For more information on this great brew see more here.

Allowing Wine and Beer Made to be made by Family Members at More Family Events

Previously, wine and beer made by a member of an event’s host family could only be served at a “wedding or other religious occasion”. By changing the definition to “family event” our industry can now supply beer and wine to many more events than in the past. Wine and beer made by a member of the host family will NOW be permitted to be served at a broader range of family-related special occasions, including anniversaries, under a Special Occasion Permit (SOP)! This allows for wine and beer lovers to enjoy their “fruits of their labour” at a variety of events!