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Welcome to our Web Winery!!!

Our Mission: To help you craft commercial-quality wines at non-commercial pricing!

A Bit About Us…

Downie Road is just an extension of Kortright, west of the Hanlon ExpresswayThe Towne Winer opened in 2003 in the south- end of Guelph at the Downey Road Plaza. The proprietors both have their own areas of expertise: Barrie(a.k.a. The Winer) started to make wine 35 years ago while Liz has 25 years experience in the gift trade. Our micro winery features Riedel: the world’s best stemware, wine and gourmet gifts, the newly introduced RESISTech lead-free crystal wine stems plus essential wine accessories. Our award wining wines are vinted from the world’s best wine kits, 100% pasteurized juices and locally sourced Niagara Peninsula varietal juices. Beyond the sales counter is the walk-in cooler, bottling area with prep sinks, bottling supplies and equipment.

Our winery offers an inviting atmosphere in which to vint your quality wines. We have an extensive barrel program, we specialize in vinting “with skins on”, varietals and French hybrids. With the help of multi-award winning winemaker, Barrie, the results are commercial quality, ageworthy wines for you to enjoy and share with your friends.

Why Wine With Us?

Spacious, clean and pleasant place to bottle your varietals or custom blends

  • Minimal use of additives
  • Superior water quality
    (5-stage carbon filtration plus U-V Sterilization)
  • Multi award-winning winemaker
  • Customized wine & barrel aging programs
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!
  • Continual sourcing for the best new products in every price and quality category
  • We are not a franchise so we are not supply controlled nor limited
  • Continual improvement of our wine making techniques to vint the best possible wines for our winers
  • Great wine gifts & essential wine accessories
  • Elegant gift baskets for personal & corporate
  • Riedel & Eisch Breathable stemware

2014 KenRidge Showcase Collection.

Kenridge showcase collection 2014
It’s prime pre-order season for KenRidge Showcase Collection. Call Barrie at The Towne Winer to pre-order today – 519-824-9191 don’t miss out!

Cellar Craft 2013 Limited Release Collection


Global Exclusivity and Sophistication!
KenRidge Showcase Collection is a once a year, limited release of unforgettable wines. Featuring celebrated and acclaimed varietals from world renowned wine producing countries, these one of a kind wines deserve a special place in every winemaker’s cellar. Every year we scour the globe to create a limited series of unique and distinctive country of origin wines. This year’s collection is an unforgettable selection of five exclusive varietals and blends. Using the highest quality grape juices and concentrates produces wines that delivers the finest bouquet and flavour true to each specific variety! Read More

RJ Spagnols Cru Select 2012 Restricted Quantities Collection

A Time for Discovery!

RQ_product_poster_webEach year, Cru Select offers winemakers outstanding new and exciting wines from the world’s leading vineyards. Discerning winemakers eagerly anticipate the Restricted Quantities (RQ) announcement so they can stock their wine cellars with these exceptional and distinctive vintages.

The 2013 release allows you to explore many of the worlds most historic and unique wine-growing regions. These wines have become known as benchmarks of quality for the wine-making industry.

RJ Spagnols is particularly proud of this year’s selection of Restricted Quantities wines: Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon, Australian Grenache Syrah, New Zealand Pinot Gris, Alsatian Riesling and Italian Sangiovese Merlot! You will be proud to craft and serve these wines as well. Read More

Taste The Difference With Reidel!

Riedel GlasswareThe Towne Winer carries a great selection of the finest proven wine instruments in the world: stemware from Reidel, the Wine Glass Company!

If you’ve never had the pleasure of tasting wine from a Reidel glass, you’re in for a pleasant surprise. What an improvement from the typical wine stem! Enhanced bouquet, greater length, increased complexity and accentuated characteristics of the varietal. Simply put, wines tastes different in different shaped glasses. Choosing the glass appropriate to the varietal is a good start, and when it is good quality stemware too, you’ll be serving your wine at its very best! Visit Our Wine Accessories Page