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What our valued clients have to say:

“I made my first batch of wine with Towne Winer, and I have to say that they made it a very enjoyable experience…they spent a lot of time with me to make sure that I was getting the wine that I liked and I was not just settling with just anything.”

Paul Paquette 
AMJ Campbell Moving

“I continue to enjoy making wine at the Towne Winer and getting all my sponsorship gift baskets made up there.
The quality of the wine is superb and I’ve had many compliments. The baskets are always unique and contain both my Towne Winer wine and interesting wine accessories.
I heartily recommend the whole Towne Winer experience!”

Barbara E Fisk,
Certified Travel & Cruise Counsellor

Travel Professionals International

“Always great wines. We have yet to have a batch we were not thrilled with. Good enough to convince my wine-snob sister-in-law that non-commercial wines are not to be shunned! And there’s generally a good conversation while you’re bottling too!”

Barney Tracy
Tracy Group Benefits & Financial Services

Elizabeth Reemeyer, a Cambridge client and long-time friend of The Winer’ and Liz says what sets The Towne Winer apart from the other DIY (do it yourself) on-premise places is how clean everything is kept.

“When you’re making a food product, cleanliness is not optional, it’s essential. The music is on, the expert is on-site if I have any questions. The Winer’ has great instincts when it comes to knowing what to do to bring out the best in a varietal.”