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Cider/Fruit Wines


On The Rocks Cider

We have sourced the benchmark cider kit in the industry! 

This range of great tasting fruit ciders are crafted with quality apple concentrate, pure apple juice and real fruit juice to produce great tasting and full flavoured ciders. Great gluten-free option!

Makes 30 x 750 ml. bottles at approximately 6-12% abv. Can be made as a lower alcohol still cider or higher alcohol still cider wine based which can be carbonated by spritzing. 

Best served chilled on the rocks or spritzed!

Enlarge the photo below for the Cider selections and descriptions.

OB/ Fruit Wines


Perfectly balanced and can be made in a sweet to off-dry style. These wines offer many fabulous fruit flavours plus are the perfect beer and wine cooler alternative. Sip your favourite style of fruit wine during cherished moments of “me” time, or enjoy with family and friends to make every social occasion spirited! Suggest serving well chilled on the rocks or spritzed with carbonated mineral water to create unique, crowd pleasing cocktails that express your individual flair.

Makes approx. 30 x 750 ml. bottles.

Can be made from 6% to approx. 12% abv range.

Sugar content can be adjusted from just off dry or to a higher residual sugar on request.

Red Styles:
Acai Raspberry Rapture
Blackberry Blast
Blueberry Bliss
Cranberry Craze
Pomegranate Wildberry Wave
Seville Orange Sangria
Very Black Cherry

White Styles:
Cranapple Celebration
Green Apple Delight
Mango Dragon Fruit Lemonade
Peach Perfection
Strawberry Sensation
Tropical Lime
White Sangria

Rocking Raspberry Rosé
Blush Crush