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Mineva Water Purification Systems

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The Towne Winer is proud to promote ESIL technology in Canada and to provide local customers with access to ESIL treated water. We can offer you assistance with home and office water delivery as well as a U-fill location.

What is ESIL technology?

ESIL technology  is a revolutionary method of water treatment that purifies water of contaminants while retaining the naturally balanced minerals that your body needs.  This is the final answer to your concerns about water treatment. 

What is Removed?

Organic matter
ESIL treatment eliminates negative organic matter including E. Coli, Giardia and Crypto in one step.

When treated with ESIL technology, inorganics such as arsenic, lead, cyanide, mercury and pharmaceuticals are ion-bonded. This means the positive ion in the electricity bonds to the negative matter and forms a solid mass known as a particulate. Once the impurities have become particulate in form, they are large enough to remove by standard filtration.

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Home Unit ESIL (HUE)

Our patented ESIL technology purifies your water using electricity.  This allows for removal of contaminants and toxins while retaining the natural minerals that help to maintain your health.

The compact HUE-400 system:

  • Can be installed under your kitchen sink or in the basement for easy access
  • Is Easy and inexpensive to maintain
  • Does not waste any water
  • Produces up to 400 gallons per day of treated water
  • Is available for order now!

Call for more details or visit the Mineva website by clicking the image on the right for more information on the technology and products.

Affordable monthly financing is available.