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Vinting on Premise

If you have never considered wining, then this article may interest you to start vinting on premise, that is tho say create your own quality wines at a U-Vint establishment. And as you become seasoned you may even consider vinting your custom wines at home. Wining is a lifestyle and can be not only a very interesting hobby but also a life long passion!

Why Make Wine On Premise?

The Bear Vinting

  • This is an easy introduction to winemaking and is no risk to you as to the quality of the finished product is guaranteed.
  • It is a great way to learn about different regional styles, unique blends and varietals (single grape-types).
  • The wine kit industry has improved immensely in the last decade regarding quality, variety and technology. Now fresh juices have a very serious run for their money!
  • Yes there can be a substantial cost savings but the main purpose of wine making for The Winer is to vint quality wines that can be competitive with commercially available products.
  • There is the pride and satisfaction of announcing to your appreciative audience that this wine is your own creation!

To View a video on Craft Winemaking – Click Here

How Do I Do It?

Select your vintner as you would any professional service. How much wining experience and product knowledge does the vintner have? Has the vintner competed in any international wine competitions? What wine making techniques are utilized?

What is the quality and variety of the raw materials. And this includes the quality of the water (especially if you are reconstituting a kit wine). The appearance of the winery: is it clean, organized and well stocked? Are you offered a winery tour? Are the staff friendly, informative and helpful? These are some of the criteria to be considered for a quality result: your finished wine.

Wine-making is not instant gratification!

Plan a wine strategy and build a wine portfolio that addresses special occasions and food experiences. The required time for maturation of your wines is one of the most important assets to a conscientious wine maker. Wine-making is a fun and sociable event. It’s a never ending learning experience and you can travel the world at your kitchen table with your friends and family. Salute! So develop your passion and become a vintner that loves…the fine art of wining!

Premiering at The Towne Winer

  • Now enjoy commercial quality wines!
  • First time ever! Wine kits with a crushed grape pack!

Cellar Craft International has created a breakthrough in wine-making technology!


Above Picture – Jennifer Neil (L) and Victoria Blow of Kristoria French Fine Dining, enjoy the “fruits” of their labour at The Towne Winer.

They have mastered a production process to shelf-stabilize “Crushed Grapes” in their ultra-premium red varietal wine kits. This is Cellar Craft’s “Exclusive Grape Pack”. So now you can enjoy commercial quality velvety Merlots, elegant Syrahs, blockbuster Cabernet Sauvignon-Shirazs, spicy Zinfandels and an absolutely intense and powerful Armarone style wine! Because these varietal juices are “vinted on the skins”, extra extraction of aromatics, flavour, colour and body are captured during the fermentation stage. The finished wines show a character and complexity never before possible from a kit! Truly a quality breakthrough! These extraordinary kits are a must for the wine collector who appreciates age worthy wines. So come on in and chat with The Winer at The Towne Winer and learn more about how good – and how inexpensive – these commercial quality wines can be!

Which One?

12 L Selection: less varietal juice content and total dissolved solids (TDS*), most concentrate; to be enjoyed younger.

12 L Premium Wines: more varietal juice content and TDS; less concentrate; requires aging.

16 L /18 L Showcase Wines: most varietal juice content and TDS; less concentrate, requires cellaring.

23 L Winer Showcase Reserve Juice/Musk: 100% varietal juice, maximum TDS, requires cellaring.

*TDS: the more TDS, the more aroma and flavour compounds the wine will have

The Winer can help you create highly tweaked speciality wines of great value: Gerwurtztraminer, Ice wines, Porto Corinto, Orange Muscato and Cream Sherry are competition proven styles that offer intense flavours and aromas for your appreciative guests at dessert time.