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New to The Towne Winer Brewery 

Festa Brew! Festa Brew contains no adjuncts, stabilizers, or extracts — just pure, natural wort from Magnotta Brewery ready to handcraft into great beer you’ll be proud to call your own. Visit our craft beer page for more info. 

Bag and Boxed Wine

Call or stop in the store for all the details.

Towne Winer e-gift cards now available

This just in, The Towne Winer does e-gift cards through AnyCardClick here to send as a gift through email or text message.

NEW! 4 Fugitives- RJ’s Craft Winemaking’s new collection  

“RJS Craft Winemaking is proud to bring you a thrilling new adventure in wine this year through our Restricted Quantities program entitled, 4Fugitives. Featuring four notoriously great wines. Fill the cellar. Fill the glasses. Here’s to the most notorious collection of wine yet!

Each fugitive hails from their wine’s country of origin – offering the personification of each grape’s unique character with that of their fugitive. Winemakers will also enjoy the notorious characters born of these regions and their stories.”

See here for more info. 

Just in! Grow local! Buy local!
Limited Release Ontario Baco Noir:
Will be matured in French oak Barrel for $199/selection. Click here for more info!

Allowing Wine and Beer Made to be made by Family Members at More Family Events

Previously, wine and beer made by a member of an event’s host family could only be served at a “wedding or other religious occasion”. By changing the definition to “family event” our industry can now supply beer and wine to many more events than in the past. Wine and beer made by a member of the host family will NOW be permitted to be served at a broader range of family-related special occasions, including anniversaries, under a Special Occasion Permit (SOP)! This allows for wine and beer lovers to enjoy their “fruits of their labour” at a variety of events!